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Our job is to facilitate, through unique applications that companies may be even closer those seeking information and knowledge.

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Success Stories

ZH Tablet

The ZH Tablet project was awarded by the International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA), winning the category Best Paid or Initiative Content for New Signatures.

TRT9 - Electronic Journal

The TRT-PR Electronic Journal achieved in 2015 the milestone of 1 million hits. Conceived by Judge Luiz Eduardo Gunther, the Journal received in 2013 the National Award Corporate Education in the judiciary, in the category "Education and Communication."

Município Dia a Dia

The Município Mais, newspaper portal Município Dia a Dia, recorded an increase of 275% in the number of page views in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year.

Prefeitura de Campo Largo/PR

The city began to publish the normative and administrative acts in digital format, and now the public can be aware of the acts of the municipal government more quickly and easily.

Other Cases

Zero Hora

TRT9 - Electronic Journal

Município Dia a Dia

Prefeitura de Campo Largo/PR

Key Features


Integrate videos, photo gallery, audio, links to other materials and articles, infographics and many other ways to further strengthen the bond with your readers, customers and advertisers.

Pages and HTML5 ads

Do not be limited to fixed pages of its edition in PDF, explore the possibilities with pages in HTML5 animations, games, videos and many other features to engage the reader.


Take advantage of opportunities with exclusive content for subscribers, sale of single issues in the application or in its own virtual store, and even registration options for obtaining leads.


Let the reader has access to publications whenever you want, even offline. Thus you ensure that it is free to interact with the content anytime, anywhere.

Other features



All features MavenApp were thought to be used according to need and customer profile. That is, you have autonomy to take advantage of all the possibilities of the digital landscape.


We provide an open channel to receive your questions, suggestions for improvement and new features, complaints and requests for help. Our analysts are always ready at the time you need.

Constant updating

We have a team of developers open to innovation and to the opinion of our customers. And for that we seek to follow the trends of technology, adapting and upgrading our tools to the needs of publishers and the expectations of readers.

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